Why Bail Bond Matters in Rexburg? 1

Getting stuck in jail is an ugly situation. To save the people of Rexburg from this dreadful experience, bail bonds are an excellent option.

News is that lawmakers want to end bail bond practice and introduce a system that will give judges all the rights to determine whether the accused should be released from jail or not. To understand why this might not be a good idea, let’s examine why bail bonds matter the most.

What Are Bail Bonds Used For?

A bail bond, also known as a surety bond, is issued by a bondsman. The bondsman gives surety to court in written form that the accused will regularly appear for his trial dates. He also pays the bail amount to the court on behalf of the accused and charges a certain percentage of the bail amount for this service from the accused person.

Why Bail Bonds Matter?

Here’s why bail bonds matter: 

  • A person is considered innocent till he is proven guilty. Bail bonds give them the chance to exercise this right and continue with their lives, job, and business while awaiting the trial. 
  • Criminal trials take months and sometimes years to conclude. Bail bonds give you the chance to stay and support your family till proven guilty.
  • You cannot work on your case with your lawyer while being confined in jail. A bail bond allows end this inability to do something, helping you clear your name.
  • Taking care of hundreds of criminals waiting for their trial burdens the state with the extra expense. Bail bonds in Rexburg and other areas help reduce this expense and make the jails less overcrowded with criminals. 

Why Bail Bonds Matter In Rexburg?

  • The proposed new system will completely rely on the judges’ decision to determine whether the accused person is trustworthy to be released from jail or not. This means only guesswork from the accused’s appearance without giving him the chance to prove that he will abide by the laws of appearing on all trial dates. 
  • The judges in the States court are already overburdened from the pending cases and awaiting trials. This newly proposed system will bring more work on their hands, worsening the situation of people waiting for trials in jails.
  • Many argue that bails are expensive and favor the rich, and burden the poor, but the bail bond companies have solved this problem by offering affordable bail bond services in Rexburg. A person has to only pay 10% of their actual bail amount to the bail agent, making it extremely cheap and easy for everyone to use this service.
  • In the case of bail bonds, the bail agents keep a strict eye on their defendants, making sure they appear on their dates punctually. If we try to abolish this system and bring the new system, it will bring this responsibility on the city authority to keep a check on the defendants, which will be difficult and require more funding.

Final Thoughts

The opinion of Rexburg matters. The bail bonds give them the chance to practice their freedom until proven guilty and eases the system from the added responsibilities and workloads