3 Common Misconceptions About Bail Bond 2021 1

3 Common Misconceptions About Bail Bond 2021

Thousands of people are captured by police each year in the USA. A large chunk of them has to spend their precious time in jails before convictions or even before proceedings begin because they cannot afford the bail bonds or do not know properly about them. 

Being in prison, an inmate misses out on school or loses his source of income. Just a few days, let alone the months, are enough for the people to be replaced at their jobs and may have long-lasting damage to their relationships and reputation.

A-affordable bail bonds are the only way out to get your loved ones out of trouble lawfully. The issue is, there are many confusions and misconceptions surrounding bail bonds service, which pushes a lot of people away. Following are just a few common myths that an inmate or his family members may have heard about A-affordable bail bonds.

It Clears You Of The Crime

It’s a prevalent misconception that you can wash your hands off the affair once you have paid the bail bonds money. Even in the most serious crimes, people think that paying for the bail is no different from a “get out of jail free” card. 

The bail can get you out of prison, but the case continues in the court of law. The person remains a suspect in the crime, and the case goes on. The case is not even near to being over, no matter the bail bond amount you have paid. 

The person posting for the bail bond, such as the Idaho bail bonds, also gets involved. They are now responsible for making sure that the accused appears before the court whenever the court orders. If the suspect does not show up on the trial date, the money paid for the bail is lost. It will not be refunded. Once the court of law gives out a final verdict, only then the suspect and the person who posted his bail are truly out of business.

Posting A Bail For Arrested Individuals Only Puts The General Public Under Danger

Most people think negatively of bail bonds such as Idaho bail bonds because they believe that if an inmate walks out on the streets, they may become a threat to the general public. This concept gets boosted by the mainstream media posting stories of criminals released on bails. Being associated with a crime is enough to shatter a person’s image. People start to believe that the person will naturally commit that crime again or will just keep on jumping bails. 

This is a big misconception. Viewers miss out on the fact that the person bailed out is a suspect and not a criminal. Also, the bond agent ensures that the accused attends court when ordered, and the law enforcement can forcibly bring him in if he jumps bails.

It Is Mandatory To Pay The Entire Amount

Often, defendants stay behind bars for long periods believing they will have to pay the entire amount upfront. This is not always the case. 

If the defendant posts bail by himself, the agency will only ask for a small percentage of the amount the court has ordered. In return, they guarantee that you will show up at the court when the court orders.

So, these were some common misconceptions about bail bonds that are way far off reality.