According to the FBI, the rate of criminal charges in Twins falls is higher than in any other American town. This means you need to know the law and your rights in order to protect yourself and your loved ones in such difficult situations. For example, you must know what bail and bond is. What is the difference between them, how does Twin Falls bail bonds work, etc.? 

If you think that bail bond is one term or can be used interchangeably, you are completely mistaken. Bail and bonds are two different terms. Before highlighting the key differences between bail and bond, let’s quickly see how bail is set by the judge. 

How Is Bail Set? 

The judge sets a bail when a person is arrested for a crime. The bail amount is selected according to the nature of the crime. The bigger the charge, the greater will be the bail amount. There are different factors that a judge considers before setting up the amount of bail, for instance, the nature of the alleged crime, the criminal record of a defendant, the residence of a defendant, the flight risk, and other factors.  Principally, the bail is higher if the judge finds greater flight risk.

Now that you know what bail is and how it works, let’s see how both terms are dissimilar.

Bond vs. Bail 

The amount of money a defendant has to pay for his release from jail is commonly known as bail. Now, if a defendant hires a bail bond company to post a bond in the court on his behalf for his release, it is called a bond. 

Here are a few major differences between bail and bond:

  • Paying bail amount is very hard on pocket as the amount of bail is typically quite high. However, hiring a bail bond company to post a bond is an incredibly economical option. With a bail bond, the defendant can easily resume their life even if they are unable to pay the full bail amount decided by the court.
  • The bail amount is to be paid in full, whereas in the case of a bond, the bail bond company pays the amount of bail by taking a fee from the defendant. The fee is usually 10% of the total bail cost. 
  • The bail amount is refundable at the trial’s end in the court, but the fee of the bondsman (for their services) is not refundable.  
  • A bail bonds company is fully aware of the technicalities involved in the bail process, ensuring a quicker release and proper handling of all issues related to the matter.

After knowing the difference between bail and bond, you can see that posting bond is a rational option instead of paying the full bail amount. 

Finding the Right Bail Bonds Company in Idaho

You will find numerous bail bond companies in Twin Falls Idaho. What you need to do is to select the reliable and affordable Twin Falls bail bonds service that will pay your bail amount on your behalf. Here are a few tips for finding a trustworthy bail Bond Company in Twin Falls Idaho, for Twin Falls a-affordable bail:

  • Read customer reviews about the services of the respective bail bond company.  
  • Experience in the field is the point you need to consider before finalizing the bail bond company.
  • Professionalism of the bail bond company is a point that you must not ignore. Selecting a bail bonds company that is licensed and certified is a must for best results. 

So, save your money by hiring a reliable bail bond company in Twin falls!