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If someone gets arrested in a place like Arco  Idaho, the best logical step is paying the bail(

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)to get out of jail. In that case, someone has to pay the bail fee for the person to go free. However, there is more to the process that you’re yet to know. There are numerous agents whose job is to come to pick you up immediately if you find yourself in this ugly rut. Paying through installment is highly possible, depending on the nature of the case. Not knowing how bail bonds work will undoubtedly frustrate you whenever you find yourself in such a situation.

There Are Two Types Of Bail Bonds in Arco Idaho 

Criminal Bail Bonds

This kind of bail bond is usually in criminal cases where the defendant must be present for trial when called upon by the court. It is at this stage that the court guarantees payment for fines decided against the defendant.

Civil Bail Bond
This type of bail bond is used only in civil cases and guarantees the settlement of the debt. That includes interest and other costs incurred by the defendant.

How Bail Bond Works
There are often situations where the defendant is unable to pay bail set by the judge. In that case, they can seek the services of a Bail bondsman in the form of Bail Bonds @ A-Affordable Bail bonds. There are many of our agents in Arco  Idaho that often help  in that regard. For this to work, the defendant has to pay 10% of the bail amount. After that, the rest of the payment will then secured through collateral.

If the defendant doesn’t have strong security that could cover the bail, the Bail bondsman will seek other alternatives. Most often, it is through close family and friends. However, what happens next depends mostly on whether the defendant appears in court or not after being released. Let us.

For more information about Bail Bonds in Arco Idaho. Don’t hesitate to call and reach out. Our commitment is to insure that the process is easy. We know bail is hard to understand and getting you or your loved one home is the more important thing. Sometimes  Bail bonds don’t make sense and we understand that with over 25+ years of experience A-affordable bail bonds is here to make sure we walk you through the whole process. From beginning to the end. Call A-ffordable bail bonds at 1-866-554-2245 and speak to one of the knowledgeable bailors. IF you are stuck in jail in Arco Idaho and are looking to get home trust us to bail you out.

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Arco Idaho Jail Information



256 W Grand Ave, Arco, ID 83213

Phone number:


(208) 527-8553

Butte County Sheriff

Address: 256 W Grand Ave, Arco, ID 83213
Phone: (208) 527-8553

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