Want to know about the Bail bonds In Idaho Falls? Let’s begin;

Someone got arrested for whatever reason in Idaho Falls. They are taken to jail; the court hearings commence before the judge for a final verdict on the case.

Now, what does a person do if it takes longer for the court to verify whether he is rightly accused or not? He cannot take care of his family while staying in jail; there is a high chance that he will lose his job or face severe business losses. Getting out of jail becomes the topmost priority here. In such cases, the accused has the right to use his right of bail. 

(God forbid) If you ever get yourself stuck in such a situation, you need to be equipped with the correct information. Here we answer all the questions about bail bonds to give you a clear understanding of the topic.

What Is Bail And Bail Bonds?

The defendant (a person in jail) can pay a certain amount decided by the judge to get out of jail. This will act as a guarantee between the court and him. The amount is usually so high that most people cannot pay it. In such a case, a bail agent helps them by posting a bail bond for them. When it comes to bail vs bond, these bail bonds arean inexpensive solution.

A bail bond is a surety bond that will secure the defendant’s release and is provided by the surety bond company. Contacting a bail bond agent means a person can get out of jail by paying just a fraction amount of the actual bail. 

How Do Bail Bonds Work In Idaho?

Idaho Falls bail bond amounts are scheduled under their court Rule 13, where all types of crimes require a person to appear before a judge before the bail amount is set.

When that fraction of actual bail is paid, the bail agent takes the guarantee before the courts that the defendant will appear in all the court trials. 

Then, when the defendant appears in court whenever called and after the conclusion of the case, bail bond agreement is ended, the collateral (can be a house, jewelry, stock, etc.) kept aside is given back, and the bond agent keeps the 10% of the bail as his profit.

If, due to any reason, the defendant fails to appear for trial on the given date, the court will hold the bondsman responsible for paying that full amount of bail. The bail agent will use the amount kept as collateral to pay the bail amount. 

How Much Is The Actual Bail Bond Fees?

Idaho Falls bail bonds are charged with a 10% non-refundable fee by the bond agent. It cannot be more than that, but there can be additional court fees to be paid. 

For example: if the bail amount is $5000, the bail bond amount will be $500, i.e., 10% of the bail amount.

It’s better to check with your bail bond agent to clarify any other additional charges except for the bail bond fees. You can also ask questions about bail bonds to determine the best solution.

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